OGLE COUNTY, Ill. (WTVO) — A local couple took their relationship to the next level and are now married. They planned it in just four days.

The bride and groom are both in the military, and when they could not get leave for when they planned to get married, they turned to Facebook to make it happen in just days.

“It was just beautiful and it was, it was everything that a wedding could be and a wedding should be,” said Gigi Beaird, mother of the bride.

Beaird got a call from her daughter Shannon and her fiancé. Payten was leaving for active duty, meaning they could not have their dream wedding, so Beaird took to social media to help them plan it.

The only problem was that they only had days to pull it off.

“As overwhelming as it was to plan the wedding in four days, the support from the community and from the Facebook community ‘What’s up Ogle County‘ was just overwhelming,” Beaird said. “It was really great.”

Local businesses answered the call, helping with everything from the flowers to altering Shannon’s dress. Kitty Johnson, the reservation coordinator at Stronghold Camp in Oregon, said that she is from a military family and knew she wanted to be a part of the special day.

“I thought, you know, ‘what, it’s for a good reason,’ so I went with it,” Johnson said. “I was like, ‘sure, why not, let’s do it. We have all the stuff here already; linens, table covers, chair covers, everything for the buffet.'”

It worked. Shannon and Peyton said “I do” in front of their closest friends and family on April 2.

“It was more than I really could expect,” said bride Shannon Degraf. “I thought we were just gonna go to the court house, sign a paper, be done with it, but it ended up being so beautiful… everyone helped so much.”

Both mother and daughter are thanking the community for their support in making this life long memory.

“I sat looking at my desk, wondering where to go, what to do and not really knowing, and they gave me the direction that I needed to make this a really memorable, beautiful day for my daughter,” Beaird said.

Peyton is currently in San Diego, and Shannon is making plans, hoping to join him there soon.