DAVIS JUNCTION, Ill. (WTVO) — Residents at an Ogle County mobile home park have complained of a rodent infestation.

Neighbors said that they have called multiple agencies for help, with no luck. A woman living in the park said that she started smelling odors first before hearing about a neighbor finding a rodent on the stove.

It was not long until she saw them with her own eyes.

“That’s when rats came, everywhere,” said resident Tammy Salyer. “And it’s not mice, it’s rats.”

Salyer has been living at the Rolling Meadows Manufactured Home Community since April 2021. However, it is a move she regrets after multiple encounters with rodents on her property over the past two weeks. She said that they are coming from vacant homes next to hers.

“I walked out the door and they were digging out under the side of my house right here, so there’s holes where they were coming out, so I ran back in,” Salyer said.

That was not her only run-in with an unwanted critter, according to Salyer. Her dog also came into contact with one while playing in the yard, which makes her worry about her health.

“I have lupus, which means I have autoimmune disease so the poisons, the toxins, everything they repel off their bodies can literally put my kidneys into shutdown,” Salyer said. “Anything out there is toxic to us, and it’s in the air, it’s airborne. They’re just disgusting, so why are we supposed to live like this?”

A representative from the health department went out on Monday to access the situation after lots of calls from Salyer. Residents are trying everything they can to keep the rats out in the meantime.

“I have put cups of ammonia in every vent. They’re all blocked so that they can’t come through the vent into the house. All the skirting is off so they can’t nest under there without me seeing them, and then I’ve been making peanut butter balls with baking soda, trying to kill them,” Salyer said. “I don’t know what else to do.”

Salyer said that the property manager instructed her to call animal control.