ROCKTON, Ill. (WTVO) — Army recruiters regularly go to schools to talk about opportunities for students, but some local students got more than just a recruiter on Wednesday.

Army Specialist and USA bobsled team member hopeful Lake Kwaza visited Hononegah High School to talk about her career path, and how students do not have to stick to one path. Students said that they were intrigued by these opportunities.

“I always thought it was you’re going in the Army, you’re going to be shipped out somewhere, you’re going to be shooting other people, you’re going to be fighting, you’re going to be active duty, always combat,” said senior Colton Heinrich.

Heinrich plans to got to college to study business and finance. He never thought about the Army, until Wednesday.

“The whole, she’s a bobsledder and she’s an athlete, and that really excites me because, also being an athlete, seeing the opportunities that I didn’t know existed being an athlete in the Army, I was very, very intrigued by that,” Heinrich said.

Kwaza visited the school and talked to students about how the Army is more than just active duty. There are jobs for athletes, cooks, computer specialists and accountants. There is something for everyone.

“I hope they take my experience and look at their life and not be identical, which it’s not going to be, but just to realize that you can do this, this, this and this without it breaking you,” Kwaza said. “If anything, it will add to you and experiences and life story.”

Kwaza said that she is happy to be able to expand people’s knowledge of what the Army is and does.

“Any opportunity, it can be looked at as the worst thing ever to somebody else, but it could be the best thing for you at the time,” Kwaza said. “So yeah, just literally don’t take any opportunity that you’re given for granted.”

As for Heinrich, he is now considering the option of being a part of the U.S. Army.

“After today, I realized ‘no, you can be, you could be a professional athlete in the Army or you could just work on computers,'” Heinrich said. “The career opportunities, my horizons, have been massively expanded after today.”

More information on careers in the U.S. Army can be found on their website.