ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Tuesday marks National Voter Registration Day across the U.S. and a Rockford advocacy group is trying to encourage more residents to vote.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford (LWVGR) used the day to focus on recruiting younger voters, saying they want to ensure their generation plays an active role in American democracy.

Sue Theden, president of the League, said, “18-29-year-olds, we realized, are less likely to vote than older people. So, we’re making a special effort to go to schools. We are here at Roosevelt Community Education Center today encouraging students to register to vote or if they are already registered to make sure the registration is up to date with a current address and name.”

The registration, Theden said, is simple and takes only a few minutes to talk with a deputy registrar, fill out a form, and take an oath. A physical voter registration card will arrive later, in the mail.

“The younger that you start voting and interacting in the process of democracy, the better chance you give yourself that life long opportunity to learn about the value of democracy and the value of engaging as a voter,” said deputy registrar, Silvia Diaz.

The League of Women Voters says they are hopeful that they can register new voters in time for the primaries, coming in March 2024.

Theden said, “When you look back 4 four years ago, the same type of primary before the general election, only 25% of the eligible registered voters actually got out and voted in the primary. So 25% of the people are making those decisions by casting their vote in the primary leading up to the general election. So it’s really important for everybody to use their voice, get out there, get to know the candidates, decide who you want to vote for, decide what issues are important, and cast your vote.”

Voter registration can be done online in Illinois.