OSF doctors warn of signs that could be rare blood cancer

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford health care experts are raising awareness of multiple myeloma, a rare type of blood cancer found mostly in men.

According to doctors, multiple myeloma affects plasma cells, which lower the body’s ability to fight an infection.

Most diagnoses are in patients over 45 years old, with Blacks more likely to get the cancer.

OSF’s Katie McGrail says people should consult a doctor if they experience fatigue, weakness, bone pain, or frequent infections.

“There’s no cure for it, unfortunately,” she said. “But, we’ve made leaps and bounds as far as treatment options and having patients living longer. It’s something you don’t want to put off, because the longer you put off multiple myeloma, you might have more bone lesions and more fractures in the future and that can cause significant pain and other issues.”

Multiple myeloma is relatively uncommon. The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 35,000 cases will be diagnosed this year.

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