(WTVO) — Now that the peak of COVID-19 appears to be in the rearview mirror for many, the future is in question for virtual services popularized during the pandemic. That includes virtual health care.

A new poll showed that 48% of American support telehealth availability, but more than 50% of adults do not expect to use telehealth now that the pandemic is over.

OSF Healthcare officials do not buy it, and said that they are doubling down and expanding remote healthcare options.

“Some patients want that in person visit, some people want to supplement it with maybe every other visit,” said Jennifer Junis, senior vice president for OSF OnCall Digital Health. “Through a virtual visit, some people just want to know that they can reach out in the middle of the night and have a visit and have that comfort level.”

More than 90% of patients reported a positive experience with telehealth, according to OSF.