ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — An app near the testing stage could immediately help determine if someone has a concussion.

The app is called “Flight Path,” and it is being developed by OSF Healthcare researchers. The game takes two minutes to complete, and tests for visual perceptual and visual impairments.

Experts said that it can be used on the sidelines of a game or on a playground. Doctors said that the app does not rely on someone being truthful about their symptoms, such as an athlete who could downplay how they are feeling to get back in the game.

“Because they want to keep playing, we term that ‘sandbagging,’ and the current tests that we have really don’t protect against sandbagging. They’re so reliant on people being honest with their symptoms that if somebody doesn’t want to tell you, there’s not a whole lot you can do,” said Dr. Adam Cross, an FAAP/pediatric hospitalist and clinical informaticist at OSF Healthcare. “But this application that we’re using is meant to test all of the different ways in which a concussion can manifest, and there are many.”

Pilot testing could start in six months, but may take a few years to be FDA approved.