ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — OSF nurse Alex Hamm and her husband, Scott, are longtime Los Angeles Rams fans. She was excited to learn she had been handpicked, by Rams’ quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, to attend Sunday’s game.

Hamm might live in Northern Illinois, but her football loyalties do not.

“I was born into it, my Grandpa was a really big Rams fan,” Hamm said.

So, it is probably a good thing that she met her husband Scott, who is also a huge Rams fan.

“He thinks it was the colors initially that drew him to the Rams when he was like four of five,” Hamm said.

They have even roped other into their Rams fan group.

“My daughter has to be in her Rams cheerleading outfit, he has to be in his jersey,” Hamms said. “We have like this Rams waxwarmer we have to have on, it’s a whole thing.”

Alex was one of 12,000 entrants in a contest to win a trip to see the Los Angeles Rams battle the San Francisco 49`ers – and she won.

Scott saw that Kelly had posted online that she was going to give away tickets the NFC Championship game.

“He’d told me, she had posted it 20 minutes before, ‘oh, she’s running this contest,'” Hamm said. “I was like, ‘oh sure, I’ll go for it.’ And then I sent in the email, I attached some pictures and within an hour she had posted on her Instagram that she had gotten over 12,000 emails. So I was like, ‘oh, there’s no way.'”

Hamm sent in their story, complete with her and Scott’s Rams themed wedding. She said that Stafford thanked the healthcare worker and her husband, who is a veteran, for their service.

“She replied to me, and she said, ‘love the jersey wedding and I have good news, the tickets are yours on one condition, you cheer loud. Please tell your husband thank your for his service and also thank you for being on the front line, what an amazing couple you guys are,'” Hamm said.

She said that her husband did not believe it at first and thought that they may have gotten scammed, but when Hamm read the e-mail, she knew that it was happening.

“My manager and my other boss were in here when I got the email and I couldn’t breathe,” Hamm said. ‘”Gasp gasp, Matt Stafford sent me tickets, Matt Stafford picked me…’ and my one manager is like, ‘I don’t even know what that means,'” Hamm said.

So they bought flights to Los Angeles and sat themselves down inside of SoFi Stadium.

“When they win this weekend, the energy in the stadium is just gonna be wild,” Hamm said. “I just, I cannot wait.”

The Hamm’s traditions will not stop just because they are in L.A., as Hamm said that they packed their daughter’s cheerleading outfit in her overnight bag so she can watch at her grandparent’s house.

NOTE: Photos in this story are courtesy of Expedition Joy Photography.