COLONIA, N.J. (WTVO) — Over 100 former students and staff at a New Jersey high school have been diagnosed with brain tumors over the past 30 years.

Colonia High School in Colonia, New Jersey is reportedly being tested for radiation, from buildings to school fields, according to WNBC. In the past three decades, 108 former students and staff have been diagnosed with brain tumors before ending in the early 2000s. The tests are to determine if there is a link between the tumors and the school.

One former students believes that link will be found.

“If we can enrich science by showing that an unknown compound is in high concentration and link it to primary brain tumors, maybe we can protect others, remove it from our environment to make sure it never happens again,” Al Lupiano said to NBC New York.

Lupiano and his wife Michelle are both graduates of Colonia High and were diagnosed with brain tumors 20 years apart, though they are benign. Lupiano’s sister was also a graduate of the high school, and she recently died from brain cancer.

Roughly 15,000 people have graduated from the high school over the past 30 years. The New Jersey Department of Environmental and the Environmental Protection Agency have both expressed concern, but said that testing for radiation needs to be completed, which could take a few more weeks.

If radiation is found to not be the cause of the problem, there are other tests that can be done to pinpoint the cause, according to Lupiano.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg. This is only one of many, many tests that can be performed. Frequently, in hazmat, you never find it in the first shot,” Lupiano said.