(WTVO) — Over half of Illinois’ state’s attorneys have now filed lawsuits against the SAFE-T Act.

These lawsuits are the latest step that prosecutors have taken in the past few months to try and force changes to the act. They believe that there are too many restrictions on when someone can be detained or not.

Some of the changes state’s attorneys want to see are included in a proposal by Champaign Senator Scott Bennett. Governor JB Pritzker refused to give specific changes he wants in the SAFE-T Act, but he did acknowledge Bennett’s bill, saying that he is open to discussion.

“Let me start by saying that that Senator Scott Bennett introduced a bill that I think is worthy of us looking at all the provisions and deciding which ones of those would be appropriate,” Pritzker said. “Look, I think every law that gets passed, is one that deserves to be examined for whether there should be amendments or updates.”

The State’s Attorney Association is taking a split approach on how they are trying to change the SAFE-T Act. Their leadership team is also negotiating changes to the bill in the legislature.