PAWS Humane Society needs community’s help to deal with cat population

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PAWS Humane Society pleads for help as it deals with its abundance of cats without enough people to adopt.

The group says it hasn’t been able to keep up with this year’s intense kitten season in addition to a constant intake of feral felines.

“There’s a huge uptick in our cat population,” said PAWS Humane Society volunteer Caitlin MacRoy. “We have spent probably the last year at capacity or close to capacity non-stop.”

PAWS has nearly 200 cats in its care. The group says it’s crucial pet owners spay or neuter their cats to help control the numbers. The rescue team also has a Trap-Neuter-Return, or “TNR”, program in place.

“We are maxed out in foster care and, really you can see behind me, every single cage here,” said PAWS Humane Society board of directors member Laura Dee. “Then, at the care center at Petco on East State Street is full.”

McCroy has been a PAWS volunteer for over five years, she says she’s never seen it this bad.

“We are at a point in time [where we are] turning people away and have had waiting lists and are trying to grow our fosters with numbers we’ve just never had to recruit before.”

Advocates say they are always in need of donations, volunteers, new foster homes, or sponsors who can cover the cost of care until the cat is adopted.

“Every single cat here is special in their own way,” said Dee. “Really, they add so much value to your life. I really encourage people to adopt.”

PAWS says it’s not kitten around, meow is the purr-fect time to consider adopting.

“Every time you adopt, you’re actually saving two lives,” said Dee. “You’re saving the animal you adopt, and then you’re freeing up that space in the cage for a new animal to come in.”

PAWS says it’s important pet owners remember to register its microchip right after it’s placed into their animal.

For adoption info, click here.

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