CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — A former vice president made a visit to the “Windy City” on Monday.

Mike Pence delivered a speech on the economy at the University Club of Chicago. He visited on behalf of his Conservative organization “Advancing American Freedom,” which pushes for tax relief and deregulation.

Pence held nothing back on his assessment of the economy under President Biden. He argued that every American benefitted from the Trump-Pence economy.

“Lawmakers must end runaway inflation experienced under President Biden by slashing government spending and requiring a balanced federal budget without raising taxes,” Pence said. “The biggest driver of inflation is runaway spending and Biden’s war on energy. So, we also need to unleash American energy, today.”

He made no mention of the January 6 investigation. Former President Trump has criticized Pence for refusing to reject the electoral college votes cast for Joe Biden.