FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — Monday night saw a fond farewell for a stateline leader.

Freeport’s chief of police is retiring, but he is not going far.

There was a retirement ceremony for Matt Summers at city hall Monday night, including a “Best Wishes” plaque.

Summers spoke on his nearly 30 years with the Freeport Police Department., spending the last four as chief. He called Freeport home, saying that he has lived there since the 90s.

He said that he will miss the camaraderie with his fellow officers the most.

“There are so many things that officers laugh about, you know silly things that happen on a daily basis. You know, cops have a very odd sense of humor, and we have to survive, mentally and what goes on here,” Summers said. “So, there are so many things. There’s so many times of laughing, there’s so many times of crying. People don’t think about the officers after serious things happen and the door is shut and tears come out, and, you know, everybody’s there leaning on each other. You know, those are the things I remember.”

Summers is not retiring from the title, however. He is taking over a chief of police in Pecatonica, and he said that he is excited to meet the community there.