HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — The suspect in the mass shooting at Highland Park’s 4th of July parade, had two previous encounters with police in 2019, once for attempted suicide and another for threatening to “kill everyone,” police said.

Investigators removed 16 knives, daggers, and a sword from Robert Crimo’s home in September 2019, but said there was “no probable cause to arrest” at the time.

A spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force told a news conference that the suspected shooter, who was arrested late Monday, used a high-powered rifle “similar to an AR-15” to spray bullets from atop a commercial building into a crowd that had gathered for the parade in Highland Park, a close-knit community on the shores of Lake Michigan that has long drawn the rich and sometimes famous.

More than 45 people were wounded in the attack, which task force spokesman Christopher Covelli said the shooter planned for several weeks.

Police said Crimo evaded capture by dressing as a woman and blending into the fleeing crowd.

Investigators who have interrogated the suspect and reviewed his social media posts have not determined a motive for the attack or found any indication that he targeted anyone by race, religion or other protected status, Covelli said.

At a press briefing Tuesday afternoon, authorities released the names of the first six people who were killed in the mass shooting. A seventh person died Tuesday at a hospital outside of the Highland Park area, authorities said.

Those named by police were:

64-year-old Katherine Goldstein;
35-year-old Irina McCarthy;
37-year-old Kevin McCarthy;
63-year-old Jacquelyn Sundheim;
88-year-old Stephen Straus;
and 78-year-old Nicolas Toldeo-Zaragoza, a citizen of Mexico.

Law enforcement said all six were killed after a gunman opened fire from a rooftop overlooking the parade with a high-powered assault rifle.

The Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office is expected to announce charges against the suspect later today.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.