FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — Freeport Police said “no confirmed shots fired” after a report of a shooting at Freeport High School on Wednesday morning.

Today is SAT testing day for Junior students.

Freeport Police said a call was received at 8:24 a.m. that an active shooter was on the second floor of the high school, and said the call came from an out-of-state area code.

Officers cleared the building and determined the report was false, police said.

The Freeport School District released a statement, saying: “Unfortunately, FHS was part of a nationwide trend of what we believe to be a prank phone call today. The call indicated that there was a real emergency when in fact there was not.  Just to be safe, the police walked the building with multiple squads responding.  We are grateful for their quick response.

“We were also notified by police that other districts like Dixon, Winnebago, and Rockford  have received the same prank phone call this morning.  While we are relieved that there was no real incident, we are not taking this lightly.”

The Winnebago High School superintendent confirmed to Eyewitness News that was in error, and they did not receive a false report at the school.

Freeport High School Principal Dr. Beth Summers said SAT testing would continue.

Rockford Police also responded to a reported shooting at East High School at 8:38 a.m., but police said it appeared to be a false report.

The Dixon Police Department said it received a 911 call from a male caller at 8:33 a.m. who said “There was a student that was shot at the Dixon High School.”

Police said the caller had a foreign accent and was “difficult to understand.”

Police said the Lee County 911 operator suspected the call was a “swatting” situation.

Similar reports were also made at several other Illinois high schools including Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago and Granite City High School in Granite City.