SOUTH BELOIT, Ill. (WTVO) — New details have emerged in the case of Kristin Larson, a South Beloit woman accused of murdering her newborn baby girl and hiding her body in a bucket for 5 days.

Kristin A. Larson, 35, was charged Friday with First Degree Murder and Concealment of a Homicidal Death, according to the Winnebago County State’s Attorney.

Detectives from the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office were alerted to a possible missing newborn on June 8th, but reportedly the murder occurred on June 3rd.

According to the police report, detectives found the remains of a baby girl during a search of Larson’s residence. Police said they found the infant’s body in a bucket which Larson had placed in the spare room of her home.

Rockford Fire Department Division Chief Matthew Knot broke down “Safe Haven” laws, and how they can protect a child.

“You’re able to turn in a child to a staffed fire station, law enforcement or hospital within 30 days of that child’s birth,” Knott said.

He said that a parent is only required to hand the child to a staff member, after which the fire department transfers the baby to a hospital for a medical evaluation. Knott said that crimes against children, like Baby Larson, is a good example of why these laws exist.

“It’s no questions asked, there’s no prosecution, it’s just designed to provide a safe place for that child to go incase there is an issue,” Knott said. “We’ve all seen headlines before, and we’ve seen certainly what could possibly happen just abandoning a child, or leaving it in an unsafe environment, or whatever the situation may be, but this is a suitable alternative.”

Knott said that he is honored that the fire department is a trusted space.

“We certainly do not know the specific challenges that a young family might be facing, and this may be a suitable alternative, and we’re absolutely glad to be part of it and we’ll make sure that that child is safe and well cared for,” Knott said.

Knott said the baby is given to a staff member, the parent gives up their custodial rights.

The State’s Attorney’s Office said the investigation revealed that Baby Larson had been born alive.

If convicted, Larson faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted.

Family members of Larson were contacted for comment, but they have not responded.

Find more information about Illinois’ Safe Haven Law here.