Police use bloodhounds after guns stolen in series of Machesney Park car burglaries

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MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — Two guns and other items have been stolen in a series of Machesney Park car burglaries, and police used a bloodhound to lead them to a potential suspect.

Neighbors in the area of Rogers Street and Scotts Lane have been waking up this week to find things missing from their vehicles. Police say all of the cars which were broken into were unlocked.

The thieves were able to get away with spare change, purses, and two guns.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Mike Schultz says its a serious matter.

“That’s always a concern of ours, especially if juveniles are involved,” he said. “Juveniles and handguns are a horrible mixture.”

Neighbor Kristi Frederick says she’s worried for her safety.

“Like on a scale of one to ten? Definately a ten. It’s just the unknown. I don’t know what they’re planning. What’s next? Where are they going to break in to? What are they going to break in to? What are they going to take down along the way?” she wondered.

Officers were able to get a break in the case Tuesday night.

“We located some property that was dropped in the street by one of the suspects,” Schultz said. “We we utilized bloodhounds [Wednesday] morning.”

“We were able to collect the suspect’s scent off that property,” said Nick Cunningham, of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department. “We had two bloodhounds out at the scene. Both dogs were scented off the property that was dropped…and they were able to track them.”

The dogs lead officers right to the front door of a Machesney Park home, but there has not yet been an arrest. Deputy Chief Schultz says they’re keeping an eye on the suspect.

“We’ve identified a person of interest and we will be tracking that person to have a further conversation with him,” Schultz said.

Schultz says residents need to remember to lock their cars, no exception. He’s asking anyone with information about the break ins to come forward to police.

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