(WTVO) — A new poll showed that a majority of Illinois voters support a proposed workers’ rights amendment.

This came with less than two weeks before the issue goes to the ballot. More than 53% said that they would vote yes, while about 30% said no, according to the new The Hill and Emerson College. About 16% said that they are undecided.

It would enshrine union rights into the Illinois Constitution and would prevent the state from passing right to work laws, or other laws that would harm unions, if passed.

The AFL-CIO, one of the largest unions in the state, said that the amendment is vital to protecting unions in the state. Business groups, like the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, oppose it.

“They have federally guaranteed workers’ rights, and they will continue to have them whether this fails or passes,” said Todd Maisch, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. “So, that is completely subterfuge.”

“When you look at what we fought for and able to achieve in Illinois in terms of giving workers rights to a safer workplace than ability to negotiate over pay, to protect that for future generations, our children, our grandchildren, is really important to working people,” said Pat Devaney, secretary treasurer of Illinois AFL-CIO.

The same poll showed that the race for Illinois governor is getting closer. According to the numbers, Republican candidate Darren Bailey is behind Democrat JB Pritzker by just under 10 points.