SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Governor JB Pritzker announced the state will spend $23 million to fund abortion initiatives on Monday, continuing his administration’s efforts to expand reproductive care access following Roe v. Wade overruling in 2022.

Of the $23 million, $10 million will be used to create the Reproductive Health Public Navigation Hotline, created specifically for those traveling from out of state seeking abortion care.

“Illinois has seen a massive influx in patients travelling from out of state as other states in the region and beyond have passed increasingly restrictive anti-choice legislation, necessitating increased support for those navigating these systems,” said Pritzker’s office in a release.

$8 million will go towards additional training for reproductive health care providers and a consultation program for at-risk patients, according to the Telegraph.

Pritzker announced $5 million in funding will be used to create the Illinois Reproductive Health Facilities Grant Program, which will fund “improvements, repairs, new construction, security upgrades, and equipment to increase capacity and enhance safety,” according to the release.

“Because we have worked so hard in Illinois to make our state a safe haven for abortion care, we are now the largest recipient of medical refugees in the country,” said Sarah Garza Resnick, CEO of pro-choice organization Personal PAC. “Expanding our healthcare infrastructure and policies to provide every patient with the critical and compassionate care that they deserve is now our number one priority.”

Last week, Pritzker signed a law that prohibits pro-life groups from using “deceptive tactics” to divert women seeking an abortion to an alternative. 

Rockford Family Initiative, a pro-life organization, has joined a lawsuit seeking to stop the law’s enforcement.