‘Protect yourself’; Rockford man beaten with gun in own home

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – A Rockford man is on the mend today after he said he was beaten over the head with a gun.

The incident happened around 10:30 p.m. Monday night on Crosby St. Mike Coulahan said that he is still extremely shaken up, and that he is now thinking of moving after two men punched him in the face over and over again.

“In the end, I was laying right [there,] and I had a pool of blood that I was laying in,” Coulahan said. “When I asked, ‘who are you and why are you here,’ ‘I want your key, or I am going to kill you’ is what he told me, and then I knew this was not good.”

Coulahan said that trying to fight back only made things worse.

“He followed me in, and knowing he had pointed a gun at me, I lunged at him, gave him a great big bear hug, and took him to the ground,” Coulahan said.

However, that was when he said a second man appeared.

“As I was kind of on top of one guy, this guy comes in and starts just punching me in the head, and then the other guy starts hitting me in the back of the head with a pistol, so I have a bunch of bruising on my head,” Coulahan said.

Coulahan said that he has lived in his Crosby St. home for decades, but no longer feels safe after thinking he might die.

“Before the guy left, he was choking my neck so hard that at one point I thought, either I need to find some superhuman strength, or I am going to die. They got out and said, ‘don’t get up or we will kill you,” Coulahan said. “It was almost like somebody was here waiting, or even might have known my patterns, and cased me out before. I have always felt very safe in my neighborhood and home, and I do not feel very safe now.”

Now, Coulahan is warning the public.

“The biggest thing I want to do today is make everyone alert,” Coulahan said. “Really be aware of your surroundings, be aware of what is going on, and protect yourself, because there are people out there who are not good.”

Coulahan said that the men took off in his car, a black Honda HRV, and got away with his cell phone and keys. Rockford Police said that they are investigating, and Coulahan is asking anyone with information to contact the police.

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