ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford Police Department(RPD) hosted its annual Pumpkins and Police event Friday evening.

“This is a program that we’ve run probably the last five or six years,” said Michael Dalke Assistant Deputy Chief of Rockford Police Department. “We offer free pumpkins, free cookie designs, a bunch of other fun games for the kids that they could come out and play. The kids get to come out and carve pumpkins with the police which is kind of a unique thing.”

While the Halloween spirit was evident the event and many like it are in place to bring the officers closer to those they serve and protect.

“It’s that community engagement that we are really trying to get people allow to come in have a relationship with the police. See that the police aren’t out to get them and that we are really here to help collaborate,” Dalke said.

The kids were glad to have the opportunity to speak with many of the officers. Whether it was asking questions or just getting to know them. .

“I like the food, the popcorn is good. I like carving pumpkins. I like that right there back there and it’s fun. And I like it we get to we get to do a lot with the police, like doing all these events is fun,” said D’aire a visitor to the event.

There was a big showing from the Stateline community which made it all worth it for Dalke and the RPD.

“We always have a great crowd. Around hundred or so individuals will come through, again everyone gets to take their pumpkin and carve it. We’ll help them if they want that help,” Dalke said.

Next week, Thursday RPD will be hosting their biggest Halloween themed event, a Trunk or Treat. Snacks, activities, and trick or treating will all be at RPS 205 Administration Building Parking Lot from 5-8pm.