BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — Puppies went wild Saturday for the 3rd Annual Meyer’s Tails Up Farm “Puppy Social Time.”

It was a way for puppies 8-23 weeks to socialize with other puppies, people and places.

“I think this is great, to meet other dog owners who I wouldn’t otherwise, because I don’t know where, you know, where any of these people live,” said dog owner Marilyn Larsen. “So, it’s great to meet other people that have puppies that are going through the same training issues that you might be going through.”

Larsen brought her 16-week-old Pembroke Corgi Norman to “Puppy Social Time.” She said that it was an event for her puppy, but found herself socializing with other local dog owners as well.

“I wanted to get him involved with other dogs because, when I take him to his training classes, he doesn’t want to pay attention to what we are doing because he wants to play with everybody else,” Larsen said.

She added that this was exactly what Norman needed; to let out all of his energy. She learned new things about her puppy as well, like how well he is with kids, other dogs and other people.

Elaine Henderson, marketing director at Meyer’s Tails Up Farm, said that their goal was to help dog owners in the stateline help their pets live their best lives. Even in the winter, the “Puppy Social Time” is just one way to do that.

‘You really have the first six months to really imprint on them social skills,” Henderson said. “And, so, it’s important to get them out of the house, get them meeting new dogs, get them going to new places and then you can have a companion that can just go with you anywhere you go and do all the fun things you do.”

Henderson also said that it is critically important for puppies to have social time with other puppies at an early age, because it could affect their behavior in later years.

“I was most excited about just seeing him play with other dogs off leash because I’ve always had him on a leash at his puppy classes, and, so, I was anxious to see how he would react,” Larsen said. “I was a little concerned about the bigger dogs, but he is doing great with the bigger dogs too.”

“Puppy Social Time” will continue until the end of March.