Residents ‘pay it forward’ at Belvidere family pop-up corn stand

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BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — A local family witnesses what it’s like to watch people “pay it forward”.

It happened at the Fowler Farms pop-up corn stand on Sunday, and even continued through their sales Monday.

“I was here for maybe half and hour or so, and a guy comes up, he handed my $20 he took two dozen, and told my the other two dozen is for somebody else,” Ron Fowler explained, so he waited for the next person and then offered them the free two dozen ears of corn.

“I asked everybody and told them there was 2 dozen already paid for, and they all just turned it down and they were giving $8 a dozen and they were saying it’s for your gas and your time, so it was kind of neat to happen.”

The Fowler family asks for $5 per dozen ears of corn. Ron Fowler was in disbelief as more people continued to pay it forward at his stand.

“He kept calling me and just said they still are doing it, and it just doesn’t end,” Ron’s wife, Sheila Fowler explained. “You see and you hear about this like the fast food restaurants and drive throughs, but you don’t expect it to be just a little family corn sale.”

The chain reaction went through 19 people.

“He kept calling and saying I can’t believe no one is taking this, it’s free and this is strange and I just kept saying it’s waiting for that person who needs it,” S. Fowler said.

The Fowler family is still waiting for that person.

“I’m a big believer in karma and I just believe the reason no one has taken it yet is that there’s somebody who really needs this, somebody who couldn’t afford it, somebody who’s hungry and the corn is sitting here waiting for them,” S. Fowler said. “Waking up this morning and knowing that person hasn’t come yet, but that person is out there and they will be coming, and it’s here for them.”

The corn was still up for grabs through Monday night. The Fowlers said that now they’re looking to give out 11 dozen ears of corn, and that 47 people continued to pay it forward.

The Fowler Farm has been in the family for 110 years. They tell me they’ve been having pop-up corn stands for the past 20 years.

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