Rock-Con brings out all those that love fantasy board gaming

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ROCKFORD (WTVO) – From dressing as fantasy characters to role playing as one, Rock-Con invites all those who love taking a break from every day life and jumping into the fantasy board gaming world.

The miniature games stretch from taking place in magical worlds to applying actual military strategies on miniature battle fields.

Rock-Con also had booths for those who are more into collecting miniature pieces than playing with them.

Eyewitness News spoke with one man who had a hand in creating the most well known fantasy game, Dungeons and Dragons, and he says even though it’s not on a court or field fantasy gaming is still a team effort.

“Gaming is a cooperative activity, especially role play. You don’t win as an individual you win as a team. It’s you against the story and that is unique.”, Harold Johnson .President and CEO of Epic Quest Productions said.

Johnson also says gaming is perfect for people of all abilities because the only thing you need to join in is an imagination

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