Rockford Alderman Jonathan Logemann names successor recommendation ahead of Afghanistan deployment

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Alderman Jonathan Logemann signs off as the representative of Rockford’s second ward, the city leader reports for deployment to Afghanistan next week.

Monday, he named his wishes for a successor in his absence.

“Mayor McNamara, I hereby resign my office as alderman of the second ward,” said Logemann. “I recommend you appoint and the city council approves Tony Gasparini to replace me as second ward alderman.”

Logemann says because of Tony Gasparini’s deep roots in Rockford, and the second ward, he believes he’s a great choice.

“I think Tony shares my values,” said Logemann. “His hard work and his dedication and commitment to the city, I think will bring something good to Rockford.”

“He’s had some input into who he’d like to recommend take his place,” said 10th ward Alderman Franklin Beach. “He’s hoping to be his back, he’s hoping to do his tour and come back and pick up where he left off.”

Beach says in the meantime, the rest of city council will hold down the fort while he’s away.

“But I think that’ll be smooth, that’ll run smooth,” said Beach. “All of us are willing to pick up and take the slack, whether that’s needed. We’re really here to serve the people.”

One by one, city leaders wished him well on his service overseas.

“[I] wish Alderman Logemann good luck over there in Afghanistan,” said 11th ward Alderman Tuffy Quinonez.

“We will miss you,” said 5th ward Alderwoman Venita Hervey. “We wish you Godspeed and a very safe return.”

“I just want to say thank you on behalf of all of the citizens of Rockford for the services you have provided,” said Mayor Tom McNamara.

Alderman Logemann says he’s grateful for all the support he has received in the last few months.

“It is important that we support our military families,” said Alderman Logemann. “It’s not just me deploying, it impacts my entire extended family and it impacts the city, too.”

City officials say the Mayor can bring Logemann’s alderman recommendation to the council within the next 30 days. Then, full council will vote on it.

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