ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — This weekend’s triple shooting happened in the Rolling Green neighborhood.

Alderwoman Karen Hoffman, 8th Ward, represents the area on city council. She said that it is sad to see that there was another shooting, and that they were her driving force for wanting to run for office.

“What is going on now is more targeted shooting, you know? They know where somebody lives and there is an issue, and they decide to solve it with a gun, and then that person get mad,” Hoffman said. “It’s the retaliation you see… and that’s why you see two shooting in a day.”

Despite Sunday’s shooting being targeted, Hoffman said that a family still lost a loved one.

“Check their Ring doorbells and any other cameras they have and let’s get every bit of information we can to the police, and it’s only through working together that we will achieve our goals,” she said.

Hoffman stressed the importance of the community coming together to work with police. She said that is the only way to bring justice, along with addressing the root of the problem.

That starts with youth.

“We have to get these kids before this becomes a part of their lives, and we have to get to their parents to let their parents know that they have alternatives,” Hoffman said. “We have a lot of parents that don’t have parenting skills and we need to have programs that will get out there and teach those parents.”

Hoffman said that that the Rolling Green Association is starting back up the safety committee, and the city is working to provide more programs to show there is a better way.

“But until we get to our youth and give them opportunities, I think we are going to continue to have crime,” Hoffman said. “We’ve got to give them value starting at very young age. We have to give them personal value so they value themselves, because I always feel in these shootings they’re not scared because they not only not value that other person’s life, but they don’t value their own.”

She said that safety committee is a work in progress. More information can be found on the Rolling Green Neighborhood Association’s Facebook page.