POLO, Ill. (WTVO) — Love is in the air.

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, a popular day to pop the question. One local man, however, used a different backdrop to propose: The Super Bowl.

Derek Fitzgerald and his girlfriend Deanna actually had their first date one year ago, to watch the Super Bowl. So, this was the perfect setting.

Fitzgerald had told her and the rest of their friends that Eyewitness News cameras were at their Super Bowl party Sunday night because he had the chance to win tickets to next year’s game.

Except, that is not what happened.

“Deanna, I love you so much. I’ve loved you since the day we met, you’ve given me the most blessed opportunity,” Fitzgerald said. “I never saw my life where it was. You know, a year ago I never thought I’d be living in Polo, Illinois with you, and I’m just so glad that we have each other’s back and I just would love to do that forever.”

Fitzgerald had the opportunity of a lifetime, to propose to Deanna during one of the most-watched broadcasts of the year. Super Bowl Sunday has a special meaning for them.

“She had asked me what I was doing for the Super Bowl and I said, ‘not a whole lot, I don’t think, so let’s meet up for that,'” Fitzgerald said. “So, we met up for the Super Bowl in Poplar Grove at the Hyde Out [bar and grill] and that was our first date, and ever since then, we’ve just been seeing each other ever since.”

Deanna thought that the cameras were at the Super Bowl party because Fitzgerald was in a competition to win tickets to next year’s big game. The real plan, however, was to pop the question before halftime.

“I think she’ll be really, really surprised. She’ll definitely say yes, so I’m excited about that,” Fitzgerald said. “I think she’ll definitely be caught off guard and not even realize what’s going on, but I think she’ll be ecstatic.”

He was right.

“I thought we were winning Super Bowl tickets, and then he brings out a ring and I couldn’t even breathe,” Deanna said. “I was so shocked.”

Deanna and Fitzgerald live in Polo together with the puppy that they have raised.

“She’s raised up puppies in her life and I’ve watched the way she’s raised up her dogs, and she’s a great mom and I have kids myself, and I know she’ll be a great second voice for them too,” Fitzgerald said.

The happy couple now has a wedding to plan.

“I’m still in shock,” Deanna said.

“I love you,” Fitzgerald told her.

“I love you,” Deanna added. “That was crazy.”

Congratulations to Derek and Deanna.