MONROE CENTER, Ill. (WTVO) — Many stateline kids are heading back to the classroom soon, so their teachers are making sure that everything is ready for the new year.

They are getting their years planned out as well as their classrooms in tiptop shape. One teacher said that students at home can be getting prepared as well.

“At the start of the year, is always fun and exciting and a little nerve racking, because you can’t wait to meet your new students,” said Mandy Poliska, 4th grade teacher at Monroe Center Grade School.

Poliska is busy putting the finishing touches on her classroom.

“I try to have resources on my wall that are not only helpful to my students, but also they’re not overwhelming, they’re not over stimulating,” she said. “The biggest compliment I get is when people come in my classroom, they’re like, ‘oh, it’s so calming.'”

Poliska is getting students’ workbooks organized and activities set ahead of the start of the year. She said that she makes labels to personalize things for the students, hoping to have a classroom that is fun, comfortable and encourages her students to learn.

“I love having an impact on the kids in our community,” she said. “What I love is not only building a relationship with my students that year, but also carrying a relationship with my students in the years to come.”

While Poliska and teachers all over the stateline get ready for the school year, there are steps that children can take as well to be prepared.

“It’s like getting in that bedtime routine, going to bed at a decent time so you’re used to getting up at a decent time and you’re good and rested,” Poliska said. “Fuel your body with a good breakfast, be prepared as you can with your supplies and those types of things so you’re setting the year off on a good note.”

Teachers said that it is important for parents to engage with their children about what they are learning throughout the school year. They can go through their folders and other things they bring home to stay in the loop, as well as have conversations about the work itself.