ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Ezra Allen III, 50, is the latest murder victim in Rockford, dying after being shot Sunday night.

Some of Allen’s friends and family are reminiscing on what their last encounter with him was, while others are still trying to wrap their heads around the news that he is gone.

“That call, I wish I had made that call. Maybe he wouldn’t have been where he was if I made that call,” friend Anthony Brown said. “But I never called, and that happened later on that day.”

Sunday was the last day that Brown talked to Allen. He said that they were more than friends; they were brothers.

“I took his father to appointments, I picked his daughter up from school when she was sick,” Brown said. “We’re just brothers, there’s no other way to describe it. Just brothers.”

Tonisha Allen, Ezra’s wife, said that his death does not feel real, that she is just waiting for this nightmare to be over.

“I’m expecting to see that door open down there, or even if he knew I was standing out here for him to come running out here to try to hug and kiss me, because he knew I was standing out of here, I won’t have that anymore,” she said. “So, it’s rough to even just be standing here and know that he’s not in there.”

Allen was owner of Javon’s Barber for over 30 years, the place his friend Dontay Shaw visited a few weeks ago. He said that he never thought it would be the last time he would see Allen.

“Our interaction was, whenever we parted, ‘I love you, bro. I love you,’ and that was that,” Shaw said. “I just didn’t, I never would have imagined that would have been my last time seeing him, as saying that to him.”

Both Shaw and Brown described Allen as a fun, loving and caring person. He was someone that was always willing to give the shirt off of his back if someone needed it.

“It’s actually going to affect, like I said, some of the homeless people in the community……so they’re going to come to that door today and it’s going to be locked and they’re going to be trying to figure out, ‘okay, what happened,’ Shaw said. “Okay, you’ll come back later and a door still going to be locked. The door right now will be locked forever, unfortunately.”

Allen’s friends said that they will forever miss the stories he told, his heart for others and his presence in their lives.

“He has a huge legacy that he’s left behind him, between his kids and his grandbabies. He just had a grandbaby two weeks ago. he won’t see her again,” Shaw said. “She’s going to miss out on a very fun-loving grandpa, but I’m sure everybody will tell her about her grandpa and how great he was.”

“This corner’s going to be different forever,” Brown added.

Photo: Winnebago County Jail

Lewis Brown, 49, was at the house where Allen was found dead Sunday night. He has been charged with his murder.