ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Downtown businesses are speaking out against plans for the Rockford City Market.

The weekly event will cause street closures, which will impact certain establishments. Two local businesses said that it is not the actual event causing them problems, but the setup itself.

“This isn’t an anger move,” said Paul Sletten, owner of Abreo Restaurant. “This is just us fighting for our businesses and what we do everyday.”

Downtown Rockford businesses are asking the city to reconsider the footprint for this year’s “City Market,” 64 of them to be exact. A petition was signed asking aldermen to change things back to how they were in 2019.

Sletten said that his restaurant survived the COVID-19 pandemic just to have another roadblock.

“It was harder to do our jobs last year, not because of the pandemic, but because of the footprint of city market,” Sletten said.

State, Madison and Market Streets will be closed for 20 consecutive Fridays during the City Market. That, according to business owners, is hurting their pockets.

“To close us out for so long, that means for some businesses I know it cuts 50-75% of business, it’s crazy,” said Roni Golan, owner of Underground Art Gallery. “You want us to promote and be part of the downtown, and be a destination and then on the other hand, you say, you’re not in. Only this part is going to be in.”

Both Golan and Sletten agree that they love what the market stands for.

“We love the relationship we had with the market and we just want to go back to that warm, fuzzy 2019 life that we had,” Golan said.

There will be a vote on the matter during a meeting with city Monday night.