ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Many local organizations across the stateline will part in Black History Month during the month of February.

Residents can celebrate Black culture at the Discovery Center Museum this weekend. Members of the Society of Black Engineers are hosting activities that showcase famous Black scientists, doctors and artists.

The YMCA is also hosting performances and presentations each Thursday. Administrators said that raising awareness makes these events important.

“Understand the history behind all different cultures and where we stand today, because we are here because of history and we’re still fighting for history, but it’s also important for us to come together and celebrate everything that we’ve already been through and things that we’re still fighting for,” said Tamica Fricks and Lineete Rojas, teen director and healthy living director at the YMCA, respectively. “We get this month to celebrate, because Black history for me is every day and not just a month.”

More information on upcoming Black History Month events can be found on the YMCA’s website.