ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — As the Rockford Mass Transit District moves towards becoming more green, a nearby church is worrying about its elderly members being able to easily access the church.

RMTD received a $16 million grant from the state earlier this year to upgrade its aging infrastructure and install charging stations for electric busses. Those charging stations are set to installed in a city parking lot, right across from Court Street United Methodist Church, 215 N. Court St.

While not all of the parking lot will be used for busses, the church worries that its members will not have enough parking for Sunday services, and its elderly members will have to park farther away.

RMTD’s executive director was at Court Street UMC on Sunday to answer questions from the congregation.

“Certainly we want to be good neighbors, and we hear from our neighbors about what their concerns are and try to alleviate those as best as possible while ensuring we take into consideration, obviously, the needs they have here, and the parking is an important one when they’re having services here, and I think balance that with our project plans,” said Michael Stubbe.

RMTD said that this expansion project is badly needed for the 35-year-old facility. It was built to house 40 vehicles and currently has a fleet of close to 80.