ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford City Council had a lengthy discussion Tuesday night about proposed amendments regarding alcohol.

The issue is broken down into two parts: The first would establish a downtown social district while the second would permit alcohol at hookah lounges.

Aldermen had a lot of questions for the legal director Tuesday about how these amendments would be interpreted.

“In relation to item number one, when it says consuming more or prohibited from consuming more than two alcoholic beverages, well, I mean, what constitutes an alcoholic beverage,” asked 3rd Ward Alderman Chad Tuneberg.

Most of the discussion had to do with clearing up the language of the proposed amendments, getting into technicalities and interpretation.

Part of the change to the Code of Ordinances would permit on-site consumption of alcohol at hookah lounges, but a challenge arises when non-alcoholic beverages are considered.

“Doesn’t make sense to allow alcohol to be brought in and consumed, but not non-alcoholic beverages,” said 14th Ward Alderman Mark Bonne.

The other part would establish a “Downtown Social District,” allowing patrons to walk around with their drinks. However, that brings up concerns about a continuous problem.

“We do have individuals who just can’t find a garbage can, we do have business owners that go out each morning and pick up after these nuisances,” Tuneberg said.

Aldermen decided to lay over the item so the details could be discussed. The next city council meeting is on September 18.