ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Volunteers spruced up a busy Rockford intersection on Saturday as a tribute to local veterans.

Residents may have noticed people is safety vests if they drove through the N. Main and Auburn Streets roundabout. Those volunteers planted flowers at the “Veterans Memorial Circle.”

Gardening coaches provided guidance. The goal was 10,000 flowers. The group planted nearly 9,000 last summer.

The project manger said that this does not just brighten up the area, but also sends a message to local veterans.

“It’s to show our vets that we care as a community,” said Ernie Redfern. “Remember, some of the that things vets feel is, that especially our newer vets when they felt military service, they came back here different and uncaring community, and we wanted to challenge that.”

The planting was done over a week for the past two years. This year, it was done in a day.