ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Eyewitness News began its series of profiling some of the most remarkable women in the stateline on Wednesday.

One of those women is a respected OB-GYN who has met patients’ needs for 30 years in Rockford. Dr. Jodi Holbrook has been a familiar face to families at times when they needed her the most.

She has been crucial to bringing life-changing family care to stateline residents. Holbrook has been there for the first moments of life for a good part of her adult life as one of the area’s most respected OB-GYNs.

She has delivered over 6,000 babies, starting with the Rockford Clinic in 1992, where she immediately made an impact.

“I think one of the biggest things I did was to bring midwives in a viable way to Rockford,” Holbrook said. “I had a wonderful midwife, Barbara. At the time, we decided to bring midwives. They had to do the deliveries with the physicians, so no one really took advantage of the situation because they had to be there anyway.”

It was that midwives program that broadened the care for newborns

“We were able to say, ‘these are trained people that could do normal deliveries and can assist with c-sections and emergency situations,’ and we have been able to expand the care,” Holbrook said.

Holbrook turns 67 in May. She remains the heart of Cornerstone Clinic, a Christian clinic with compassion for all.

“I’m nobody’s judge, so if someone had a termination or something like that, I would take care of them,” Holbrook said. “I wouldn’t do the procedure, but I would take care of them. So again, I hope nobody felt judged.”

Her peers have recognized Holbrook for her work, voting her “Best OB-GYN” in the area. She credits those she works closely with for that honor.

“I’ve always had good teamwork,” Holbrook said. “I’ve always had people that I could count on, and they can count on me.”

Holbrook is no longer doing surgeries or OB-GYN services through Cornerstone, but her passion for providing care to families in need will always remain.