ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A Rockford hospital carried on a long tradition of recognizing employees, all in honor of a former doctor.

An individual and a team at UW Health’s SwedishAmerican are honored with this award each year. This year’s winners are Karen Osborn, a radiation therapist, and the Enviornmental Services department.

Administrators said that recipients show the same integrity and commitment to excellence that was sown by Dr. Henry Anderson, a healthcare leader and physician who worked at SwedishAmerican for over 50 years who the award was named after.

Winners live by the focus of patients first.

“And recognizing what it means to be part of our whole system and what it means to live out our vision of remarkable health care, and unique and personalized to those we serve,” said Travis Andersen, CEO and president of UW Health Northern Illinois. “And, we serve everyone, and what it means for us to be part of this community, this broader community, and ensuring the people have access to services.”

The award winners celebrated with their coworkers at a picnic provided by UW Health.