ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — There is a lot of talk on the different COVID-19 variants.

The Winnebago County Health Department reported last week that delta is still the variant that most people in the stateline are getting sick with. Dr. Jeff Pothof with UW Health said that they are seeing omicron break through the vaccine, though people are not getting as sick. The worry among doctors right now is that it is likely to be more contagious.

People who get tested do not know which variant they test positive for. Health departments and hospitals take just a sample of all tests for that deeper look into what it is.

“Once you know that you have a positive COVID test, you can now take that strain of COVID-19 and do a separate test that actually looks at the genetic sequence, and we can map that to what we know are current variants.. omicron, delta,” Pothof said.

The best way people can protect themselves from all of the variants is to get the vaccine, according to Pothof.