ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Brothers TJ and Aaron Hill’s film “A Cloudy Moon” is going to the Cannes International Film Festival in France.

“The movie is about two good friends from high school that had to reconnect back in their hometown, and he accidentally lets the words slip. “I love you,” And the film kind of follows this idea of, Did I mean this? What does this change for us? How do we move forward?” said writer and actor Aaron Hill.

The brothers, along with other local filmmakers, entered a 48-hour international film festival in Madison, Wisconsin, called, “Yes We Can.”

“Basically, we scheduled with our whole creative team to meet up at a diner nearby in Rockford, and we got the pitches and started putting together a story. And that was the kind of story that came to be,” said TJ.

“A Cloudy Moon” was awarded a showing in Los Angeles. There, it won a trip to Cannes.

“I immediately started calling everyone we could. Everyone on the team. And it was really fun to know that we were all having the same excitement, the same freakout separately, but together,” Aaron said.

The brothers give a lot of credit to the Forest City.

“I’ve always been really impressed with the filmmaking scene in Rockford, Illinois. A lot of my abilities are thanks to Rock Valley and Jerry LaBuy running the Mass Com department over there,” Aaron said.

You can help support these local filmmakers with their costly last-minute trip to France. They have a Gofundme in hopes of bringing the whole crew to share in the opportunity.