ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford’s “Millennium Fountain” was never intended for the public to actually get wet in it, yet scores of people have over the years.

A new plan would transform the fountain into a “splash pad,” which would include updating its plumbing for that use. Currently, the water that comes out of the fountain is recycled from the water that goes into it through its drain system.

Landscaping around the fountain would be updated as well.

On Monday night, the City’s Finance and Personnel Committee approved a $107,000 contract with Vortex Aquatic Structures to create the splash pad.

Rockford’s director of Public Works, Kyle Saunders, said, “It was not originally permitted or designed to be a water feature, so this new splash pad will [allow people] to … play in, and [the water will be] treated. So, it will be water-to-waste, but it will be more activated high efficiency, so we’re not wasting water resources.”

The full City Council still needs to approve the plan. Work would take place this summer and be completed by August.