Rockford Girl Scout troop makes sure local kids do not go hungry

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A local Girl Scout troop wanted to make sure that their classmates do not go home hungry.

They have helped to create a pantry box that sits at Riverdahl Elementary School, so kids can take food home, and they said that it has already been refilled multiple times. The pantry box was installed about three weeks ago. The box was donated, the Girl Scouts customized it, and now their peers use it to bring food home to their families.

“Money is tight for everybody, and lets be real, some of these kids don’t have food on the table,” said Stacey Adams, Troop Leader 1659 South East Valley.

Aubrey, Summer, Autumn and Aaliyah all played a part in getting the pantry box installed at an entrance to the school.

“We were researching between a little library, and when we researched about this, we knew we had to go to this one, because millions of kids around the world don’t get to end up going home and eating,” the girls said.

“There are kids that come, they’ll fill their backpack, they’ll take things home,” added Laura Greier, Assistant Principal at Riverdahl Elementary School. “One big thing that we know that they are getting everyday, and they know when they walk through these doors, is they’re going to be able to get breakfast, and they’re going to be able to get lunch. This also provides them opportunity that they go home with food as well every single day.”

The Girl’s Scout troop leader, and a troop mom, said that they have worked at Riverdahl as breakfast and lunch aides for years.

“We see the kids that come in and go hungry and it tugs at you, it really does,” Adams said.

“Kids used to argue with us, ‘I’m still hungry, I don’t want to through my food away’, when it was time to go to class for breakfast or lunch, and it’s become very minimum now,” added troop mom Ashley Burton.

The girls said that they have to refill the pantry box every other day.

“When kids don’t go home and don’t eat, they end up going hungry, and it kind of messes with people,” the girls said.

“We wanted to make sure our students were fed, and our families here are fed,” Adams said. “People that can give are giving, and people that need it are taking it.”

They said that the best way for residents to donate is to bring food to Riverdahl Elementary School, 3520 Kishwaukee St.

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