ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford Barbell wants students to know that they’re open to those struggling with their mental health.

The gym, at 213 N 3rd Street, has been working with children from 10 to 18 for more than four years, helping them channel emotions and trauma through exercise.

More than 50 kids took place in programs at the gym this summer, over classes that run for 6 weeks.

Rockford Barbell founder Nick Voltava say the training sticks with kids throughout their lives.

“I think our goal is a little bit different than just standard fitness training,” he said. “We have the goal of combining the mental and physical together. So, [our] focus on is whole body movement to try and connect the mind and the body together at the same time, emphasizing this idea of self-regulation, being able to control our emotions, our thoughts, and our behaviors through moving our bodies.”

The non-profit organization receives most of its funding through donations.