ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Three Guilford High School seniors signed letters of intent on Monday, not to play sports in college, but to pursue a teaching career in Rockford Public Schools.

The group is part of the “Rockford University Education Pathway.” The students will get a break on their tuition, along with a free Master’s Degree in Urban Education from the school.

“You won’t find a better example of a community coming together to solve it’s own problems, and the greatest resource we have we believe that the best teachers to be in Rockford Public Schools is not in other countries, or in other states or in other places, we believe they’re right here in Rockford,” said Annie Baddoo, an assistant professor at Rockford University.

The “Rockford University Education Pathway” begins in middle school. The hope is to get kids interested in teaching and encourage them to stay and teach in RPS 205.