ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A local town hall meeting Tuesday evening discussed transportation in the area, but those behind the forum were not typical leaders.

The discussion, which took place at Veterans Memorial Hall, was led and organized by high school students. They are members of the chairman and mayor’s “Youth Leadership Council.”

Leaders from the Region 1 Planning Council, City of Rockford Public Works and Rockford Mass Transit District took part, answering questions from students and the public.

Tuesday evening’s focus was transportation concerns. One member of the leadership council spoke about some changes that she would like to see.

“I’d love to see better road improvement, especially on certain roads connecting Rockford and Rockton, because some of them aren’t in the best of condition as they could be in,” said Zoey McGuire. “And, [be] able to see more roads expanding and better sidewalks for active use outside.”

The Youth Leadership Council was formed to give young leaders hands-on experience with how government works.