ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford held its first “Food Truck Tuesday” of 2023 this week.

One business owner made his debut at the Nicholas Conservatory, enjoying the atmosphere.

He said that the more food trucks that are there, the more it benefits all involved.

“It’s fantastic,” said Bob Miller, owner of Rustic Oven Woodfire Pizza. “It’s great for the community and great for the small businesses.”

Miller’s truck, as well as many others, will be filling the Nicholas Conservatory every Tuesday for “Food Truck Tuesdays.”

“It’s always fun to see, to meet and see new people, a new environment. We love to have, the fact that there’s 14 trucks down here, all the different variety. The more trucks that gather in one place typically bring in a lot more customers,” Miller said. “So, it’s fantastic. It’s great for the community, it’s great for the small businesses.”

“Nice variety, food, everything from woodfire pizza to Korean BBQ, and some nice desert trucks too,” said Dan Irwin of Nicholas Conservatory.

Miller has run Rustic Oven with his wife for five years, but this will be his first time at “Food Truck Tuesday.”

“We are just mobile. This is our restaurant right here, we do several different markets. We do, I think, eight or nine different counties, we work in the state of Wisconsin,” he said. “So, we’re all over. We’ve made friends through what we do, a lot of freedom for what we do.”

The vent gives local businesses the opportunity to get attention, but also gives the community something to do together.

“We basically come here for family fun. I think it’s good,” said stateline residents Laura and Abel. “I used to own a restaurant, so it’s nice to see, like, people are starting businesses, doing food trucks. My brother’s actually in the business of doing that, so I hope to see him here soon.”

“Been a lot of fun, seeing all the families that come down with their dogs, and they stroll through the gardens, they have some great food, catch up with their neighbors and their friends and family,” Irwin added.

Residents who missed out on this week’s “Food Truck Tuesday” should not worry, as there will be other events, with so many options to choose from, throughout the summer from 4-9 p.m.