ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Sunday was a day promised to never forget the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Jews.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Rockford held its annual “Holocaust Memorial Observance” on Sunday. The guest speaker was an author who has talked with survivors, chronicling their lives and stories.

Organizers compared the Holocaust to what is happening in Ukraine. They said that people need to recognize anyone persecuted for being themselves.

“This is something that happened in history that is so wrong, wrong, and it’s not just, ‘yes, we’re looking at it because these were Jews,'” said Sherry Dreyfuss, president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rockford. “But you know, Jews are just a part of humanity, and all humanity should be protected. All of us should be irate when anything happens to a different race, to a different religion. It is unacceptable.”

Local teachers were also recognized for educating on the Holocaust.