Rockford lawmaker tries to remove a hurdle for gun owners, for the 5th time

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ILLINOIS (WTVO) — Some Illinois lawmakers propose legislation that would get rid of Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) Cards.

Supports say the system is outdated and others argue FOID cards keep communities safe.

FOID care were put into effect in Illinois in 1968.

“It doesn’t make us any safer,” said State Representative John Cabello, (R) 68th District. “Criminals will never go grab a FOID card or go apply for a FOID card.They wouldn’t get one anyways. Does that mean they’re not going to go buy a gun? I don’t think they’d go buy a gun legally in the first place.”

But others like Stanley Campbell sees them as a safety barrier for the community.

“It’s going to make it more dangerous for those of us who live in harms way or live in places where there’s enough guns already. This FOID law does not prevent people from owning guns, all it does is make sure that you don’t have a criminal record, you’re not mentally insane and you don’t have a court order keeping you away from people,” Campbell said. “I think there should be a national FOID card to make sure that everybody that wants a gun has a legitimate reason for acquiring one.”

89th District Representative Andrew Chesney claims the fear of legally purchased guns getting into the wrong hands wouldn’t happen, because background checks would still be needed with or without FOID Cards.

“The concern is if we’re going to have over 60,000 people being delayed their FOID card applications today, the budget with the Illinois State Police specific to the FOID card is an absolute mess, and we want bad people not to have guns, but we also want good people to exercise their second amendment,” Chesney said.

Chesney also said federal laws address the same issues as the FOID card.

“It’s really at largely a duplication of what we’re already doing. If you want to go get a firearm you still have to go fill out all the federal forms, you still have to pass a background check and you have to go through that process. The FOID card was put in place before they had that federal process in place,” Chesney said.

This was the fifth time Cabello has filed for FOID cards repeal.


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