Rockford man’s Christmas light show tradition continues

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80,000 lights and an hour long show.

‘The Daniels Christmas Light Show’ has been a lifelong dream for Rockford resident Randy Daniels. The colorful 5641 Tipple Road display was years in the making.

“When my mom and dad were still around, we’d drive around for hours and we’d look at Christmas lights,” said Daniels. “We’d have hot chocolate in the background with my sister and my step-brother. We loved it. So I thought, someday I want to have a large Christmas light show.”

The whole show is done in sync with lights and music set up on 99.1 FM.

“I have a dancing Santa Clause on the roof, I have a talking reindeer, I have a talking Santa, I have a talking Mrs. Claus and just a lot of things going on in the yard.”

You’ll even hear some holiday classics, like tunes from Charlie Brown.

“There’s just a lot of programming. Like I said for each song, you got a lot going on. You might have the Christmas tree singing but you want to do something out in the yard.”

Creating such a complicated show takes time but the Rockford resident says his love for Christmas keeps him focused.

“For each song you have to program it takes hundreds of hours for one song because you have to go by the beats.”

An electrician at the Belvidere Chrysler Plant, Daniels says he has a game plan for setting up.

“When I start out by the arches up here, I center those in the yard and then center everything around.”

The Daniels Christmas Light Show is no easy task but Daniels says he has a team of people that help him out.

“My neighbor Ed, my friend Sam and Noah. They come out and it’s about a three to four week project.”

Despite the intense labor, the display creator says the show is worth every effort.

“It brings joy to the community and that’s why I do it. It’s not about how much it costs me. We enjoy Christmas, it’s a time of giving.”

Daniels says he wants to make the show bigger and better every year. He’s already planning next year’s design.

The Daniels Christmas Light Show, 5641 Tipple Road, is open from 5 to 11 p.m. daily through January 1.

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