ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford’s mayor led a conversation with citizens, local leaders and faith leaders on Tuesday.

Mayor Tom McNamara led “Katie’s Cup Conversation.” The monthly meet-and-greet lets the community talk about different issues.

“Really critical for me to get out and listen to folks, especially when you’re talking about people who have years of experience and have been so engaged in our community,” McNamara said. “To hear what issues they’re zeroing in on is really important for me.”

Local leaders are invited to share ideas at Rockford’s Katie’s Cup once a month. Katie’s Cup Board Member Mariel Heinke said that she is grateful to be part of these conversations.

“So, I really saw and heard a lot of interest from the community members who are here, concerned about their neighborhoods,” Heinke said. “They had some specific concerns, but also about the well-being of Rockford as a whole.”

McNamara discussed how the city is doing financially, as well as the homeless population. This was addition to discussion on the number of economic development opportunities happening, like the big renovations going on at Davis Park.

“You’re going to see a brand-new amphitheater, you’re going to see urban beach, you’re going to see a playground, you’re going to see a skate park, you’re going to see a new pass system, you’re going to see public art, you’re going to see new restrooms, you’re going to have a more welcoming and inclusive experience, and the only park that the city owns,” McNamara said.

“That’s very exciting, and the idea that something similar like that could happen with a Barbara Colman property also holds out all kinds of hope,” Heinke added.

Heinke said that she is glad to be a part of the growth and change.

“Well, very rewarding to see the kinds of things we want to have happen are happening,” she said.

McNamara encourages the community to get out and let their voices be heard.

“There’s so much that we can accomplish when we’re all working together and we’re all showing up. I mean, showing up is the first thing that we all got to do, and so it’s great to get out,” he said. “There’s lots of opportunities. We’re going to have an exciting summer this year all throughout the city.”

The next “Katie’s Cup Conversation” will happen on June 13.