ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — It was a summer bash Rockford’s Flinn Middle School Wednesday night.

Staff hosted a fun fair for students and their families, focusing on English, Language Arts and Social Studies.

There were themed rooms to check out, with games, movies and activities. Each had a different summer holiday theme, since the kids are not in school during that time.

“What we know, and what we’re facing as a nation right now, is that 54% of our population is functionally illiterate, so what that means is our families need as much support coming in and learning to love reading and what reading means as our students,” said Aubrey Barnett, 8th grade language arts teacher at Flinn. “So, by creating that environment together and letting them learn together, we are helping our larger community.”

There were also free books to take home.

Brandie Fago, Flinn’s assistant principal, said that it is important for not only students to get involved, but also their parents.

“We’re kinda like their family figures, just like during the day as they are at home,” Fago said. “So, we need to have, be supporting each other, so if there is something going on with their child then we can work together to make them successful and be better in school, and just in life.”

This was the third year for the family fair.