ROCKFOR, Ill. (WTVO) — Residents will probably start to see more motorcycles on the road as it continues to heat up in the stateline.

Safety is the most important thing every time a biker rides. Motorcycle riders said that they like to wear bright, visible clothes to make sure that they are seen, and add accessories onto their bikes to be heard.

“In order to keep any member of our riding community safe is important to all of us because it is a community,” said Chelsea Dadez, marketing and event coordinator at Kegel Harley-Davidson.

Safety for all motor vehicles is important, according to Dadez, and being educated in motorcycle safety can make safer drivers.

“Take a longer look, make sure there is nothing in your blind spot.. do not drive while you are distracted.. please put your phone down, there is plenty of time in this world for phones, and make sure you keep your grass clippings [are] out of the street. Please, please do that,” Dadez said. “Also, if you see anything in your general neighborhood that needs to be prepared in the road, please report it.”

One concern right now in the motorcycle community is automatic driving technology in cars, as they might not recognize a motorcycle on the road.

“We just want to bring everyone’s awareness to the fact that bikes are going to be on the road,” said Pierre Hemming, activities coordinator for Kishwaukee Valley A.B.A.T.E. “They move differently, they stop, they go differently.”

Riders need to make sure that they are protected by wearing a helmet, leather boots, pants, jacket and gloves, according to Hemming. Putting extra lights and a loud horn on their bike can also be helpful.

“Don’t necessarily assume that everybody sees you or hears you or is going to stop for you,” Hemming said. “Keep in mind, it’s our responsibility as well to ride defensively and intelligently and safely.”

Dadez said that she started riding a bit later in life than most, but she knows that she could have hurt herself without knowing proper safety protocols. She recommends that everyone takes a class if they can.

“It teaches you a lot about smaller maneuver,” Dadez said. “How to maneuver around any debris that’s in the street, so it’s very, very helpful, how to stop correctly.”

Kegel Harley-Davidson, 7125 Harrison Ave., will have an open motorcycle safety class this fall.